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Southeast China

  • Hongkong skyline
Hongkong skyline
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Location Type: Region
Traditional trading center, manufacturing powerhouse, and ancestral homeland of most overseas Chinese provinces: Fujian, Guangdong
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Wikitravel - Southeast China

A map of provinces and major cities of southeast China.

South East China has always been outward-looking. Many of China's mariners and traders have come from this region. Today, it is again a major center for trade. It has also been the source of much migration. The vast majority of overseas Chinese can trace their ancestry to one or more of the three provinces. In any Western country, most of the people in any Chinatown can trace their roots to Guangdong, and the commonest style of Chinese food is the West is Cantonese (Guangdong) food. Nearly all Taiwanese trace their ancestry to Fujian. In Southeast Asia, most Chinese immigrants come from either Fujian or Guangdong. Hainanese are not as numerous, but also form a sizeable proportion of overseas Chinese populations, particularly in Singapore and Malaysia. ... read more

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