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Home to India's largest city - Mumbai, the popular beaches of the Catholic state of Goa, the incredible desert culture of Rajasthan, and a volatile border with Pakistan, Western India is the most popular region for travellers and tourists. Despite this popularity, states like Gujarat remain 'off the beaten track' and offer travellers the chance to experience cultures that have changed little since the middle ages. states: Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan
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Wikipedia - Western India

Map of states in Western India

The states of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat are varied and distinct. Goa has a Latin aura due to centuries of Portuguese rule. The architecture and cuisine of Goa is a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures. Goa is also well known for its beaches, temples and churches. Maharashtrian culture derives from the ancient Indo-Aryan Vedic culture influenced deeply by the Maratha Empire and British colonial rule. Maharashtrians take great pride in the Maratha Empire, and many places in Maharashtra are named after the founder of the Empire, Shivaji. Marathi literature and cinema are popular in the state as well as across India. ... read more

Wikitravel - Western India

Western India, regions of India

Western India comprises three large states, one small state and two minuscule union territories. It is bounded by Pakistan and the Arabian sea to its west and the Gangetic plains to its east. This is the most heterogeneous of India's regions. The states differ drastically from one another in language, culture and levels of economic development. Maharashtra and Gujarat are among the most industrialized states of India while Rajasthan and Goa are magnets for tourists, though for different reasons. ... read more

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