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Southeast Asia
Pulau Simeulue
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Pulau Simeulue

  • Pulau Simeulue, Sumatra, Indonesia
beach scene on Simeulue
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Priority: Low
Location Type: Destination
Pulau Simeulue is a 2000 sq km island off the west coast of Aceh province, North Sumatra. This island is off the beaten track, and most travellers head to the more popular neighbouring island of Nias. Most of those that make it here, do so via a costly flight from Medan. Once in Simeulue, there are countless beaches and reefs with excellent surf breaks to explore.
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Wikipedia - Simeulue Regency

Busung, Gusong
Stranded boats and raised reefs at Busung, Gusong

Simeulue Regency is a regency in the Aceh province of Indonesia. It occupies the whole island of Simeulue (Pulau Simeulue), 150 km off the west coast of Sumatra, with a population of approximately 82,000 (2007).
With its isolated geographic location, Simeulue has not been affected by the turmoil of conflicts in mainland Aceh between the Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM). There has been no major GAM activity on the island.
The people of Simeulue are similar to the people in the neighboring Nias Island, speaking a dialect which is distinctly different from the lnaguage spoken in mainland Aceh. The majority of the people of Simeulue are Muslim.
Simeulue was close to the epicenter of the 9.3 magnitude 26 December 2004 earthquake, but loss of life was surprisingly low, mainly because the people are familiar with earthquakes and tsunamis in this seismically active region and so knew to leave the coast after the earthquake ... read more

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