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Southeast Asia
Maluku Islands
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  • Ambon, Maluku Islands, Indonesia
panorama view of Banda Sea from Mahia village
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also known as:
Pulau Ambon, Ambon Island
Priority: Lowest
Location Type: Destination
Ambon is the most prominent island of the Maluku archipelago in western Indonesia. The capital, Ambon City, is the main transit point for visitors travelling onto the spice islands of Banda, the volcanic island of Ternate, and the beautiful beaches of the Kai Islands.

Ambon, Weather / Climate Chart (temperature, precipitation)

Weather / Climate Chart, Ambon
Yearly temperature and rain chart showing the best travel times and seasons for Ambon.


average humidity: 79 %
annual rainfall: 2400 mm

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Wikipedia - Ambon Island

Ambon Island is part of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. The island has an area of 775 km2 (299 sq mi), and is mountainous, well watered, and fertile. It is one of the 3 main island of the South Moluccas. The main city and seaport is Ambon (1990 pop. 275,888), which is also the capital of Maluku province. Ambon has an airport, and is home to the Pattimura University, a state university, and a few private universities.

The Ambonese are of mixed Malay-Papuan origin. They are mostly Christians or Muslims. The predominant language of the island is Ambonese Malay, also called Ambonese. It developed as the trade language of central Maluku, and is spoken elsewhere in Maluku as a second language. The old creole trade language called Portugis has died out. Bilingualism in Indonesian is high around Ambon City. There were strong religious tensions on the island between Muslims and Christians and ethnic tensions between indigenous Ambonese and Javanese transmigrants.

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Wikitravel - Ambon

Ambon, the provincial capital of Maluku, is built on a hillside overlooking the bay. It has a number of interesting historical and cultural sites, among the remnants of forts built the the Dutch East Indies Company during the heyday of the spice trade. The ruins of the Portuguese fort at Hila are almost entirely hidden beneath the contorted roots of a giant Banyan tree. The ANZAC War Cemetery near Ambon town is the site of serviced held every year on April 25, to commemorate the Allied soldiers who died in region during World War II. The museum Siwa Lima has a fine collection of local arts and crafts. Ambon is at the Maluku end of the annual yacht race between Darwin, Australia and Ambon. The race usually takes place in July and August. ... read more

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