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  • Pakse, Laos
sun setting over Pakse
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The largest city in the Champasak province is the commercial and transport hub of southern Laos and gateway for trips to the Baloven Plateau and Si Phan Don (4,000 islands).
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Wikipedia - Pakxe

The Bridge over the Mekong, Pakxe
The Bridge over the Mekong, Pakxe

Pakxe or Pakse (French Paksé; Laotian ປາກເຊ; "Mouth of the river Se") (population 70,000) is a city in southern Laos, situated at the confluence of the Xedone and Mekong Rivers. It is the largest city in Champasak province and its capital. It is served by Pakse International Airport and is the gateway to the Bolaven Plateau. It was also the former capital of the Lao Kingdom of Champasak.This city was founded by the French as an administrative outpost in 1905, and was formerly the capital of the Lao Kingdom of Champasak and residence of the King of Champasak at Champasak Palace, which was abolished in 1946 when the Kingdom of Laos was formed. Since the construction of a bridge over the Mekong (built with Japanese aid), allowing road traffic with Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand, Pakse has become the commercial centre of southern Laos. The Pakse airport finished construction on November 2, 2009, resuming flights to Vientiane and Bangkok.

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Wikitravel - Pakse

Pakse, Laos

Pakse (Pakxe) is a city in the Champasak province of Southern Laos. It's one of the biggest towns in Laos and a major transportation hub for southern Laos. If you plan to go to the Bolaven Plateau or Si Phan Don you will probably have to spend some time here.

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