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  • Borobudur Temple at sunset, Java, Indonesia
Borobudur Temple at sunset
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Java is the most populous island of Indonesia. The landscape and coastline are dramatic with a chain of volcanoes straddling the entire island. Most travellers visit Jakarta - one of the world's largest cities, Yogyakarta - the cultural heart of Java containing the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, and to the east of the island for a memorable sunrise trek around the moon-like landscape of Mount Bromo.
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Mount Semeru and Bromo in East Java
Mount Semeru and Bromo in East Java

Java (Indonesian: Jawa) is an island of Indonesia and the site of its capital city, Jakarta. Once the center of powerful Hindu-Buddhist empires, Islamic sultanates, and the core of the colonial Dutch East Indies, Java now plays a dominant role in the economic and political life of Indonesia. Home to a population of 130 million in 2006[1], it is the most populous island in the world, ahead of Honshū, the main island of Japan. Java is also one of the most densely populated regions on Earth. Formed mostly as the result of volcanic events, Java is the 13th largest island in the world and the fifth largest island in Indonesia. A chain of volcanic mountains forms an east-west spine along the island. It has three main languages, though Javanese is dominant and is the native language of 60 million people in Indonesia, most of whom live on Java. Most residents are bilingual, with Indonesian as their first or second language. While the majority of the people of Java are Muslim, Java has a diverse mixture of religious beliefs, ethnicities and cultures. ... read more

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The Jakarta city skyline
The Jakarta city skyline

This is a quite remarkable island geographically with no less than 121 active volcanoes. Add to that a host of major national parks and, despite its very crowded nature, the island has lots to offer the visitor who appeciates outdoor attractions. The main ethnic group in Java is Javanese, except for the West Java region where most people are Sundanese. In the province of East Java, 22% of the population is of Madurese descent. Half of them live on the island of Madura. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Population: 8 million (within city limits). The total population of Jakarta and its suburbs: 12 million people. The population of Jakarta is a mix of many ethnic groups. The group native to Jakarta is Betawi. ... read more

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