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Sumatra is a large tropical island, separated from Peninsula Malaysia by the Melaka Strait, and from the west coast of Java by the Sunda Strait. To the north are jungles with orangutans, elephants, and even Sumatran tigers. To the west are some of the world's best surfing spots, and along the spine of the island is a range of volcanoes and lakes, including the idyllic Lake Maninjau and Lake Toba - the largest in Southeast Asia.
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Wikipedia - Sumatra

Map of geological formation of Sumatra island
Map of geological formation of Sumatra island

Sumatra (also spelled Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia, westernmost of the Sunda Islands. It is the largest island entirely in Indonesia (two larger islands, Borneo and New Guinea, are shared between Indonesia and other countries), and the sixth largest island in the world at approximately 470,000 km² with a population of 45,000,000. Its biggest city is Medan with a population of 2,400,000. The backbone of the island is the Barisan mountains chain, with the active volcano Mount Kerinci's 3,805 m (12,467 ft) the highest point, located at about the midpoint of the range. The volcanic activity of this region endowed the region with fertile land and beautiful sceneries, for instance around the Lake Toba. It also contains deposits of coal and gold. ... read more

Wikitravel - Sumatra

Sumatra (also Sumatera) is a region of Indonesia and the 6th largest island in the world. Wild and rugged, it has a great natural wealth. Look out for Tropical and natural disasters, look out for malaria. Get a vaccination! Drink bottled water, use that also when you brush your teeth. ... read more

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