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Bacan Islands
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Bacan Islands

  • Bacan Island, Maluku Islands, Indonesia
Bacan Island, South Halmahera
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also known as:
Kepulauan Bacan, Bachan
Priority: Lowest
Location Type: Destination
Located south of Ternate and west of Halmahera, Bacan is a forested and mountainous island within the Maluku archipelago of Indonesia. The few tourists that make it to these little travelled islands are rewarded with dramatic volcanic landscapes and unique flora and fauna, including the world's largest bee, the Mason bee.

Bacan Island, Weather / Climate Chart (temperature, precipitation)

Weather / Climate Chart, Bacan Island
Yearly temperature and rain chart showing the best travel times and seasons for Bacan Island.


best time to visit: October - March, but climate can be very local in Malaku Islands
rainy season: May - August
average humidity: 80 %

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Wikipedia - Bacan

Topographic map of Bacan Islands

Bacan (formerly Bachan, Bachian or Batchian, Dutch: Batjan) refers to a group of islands in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia and to that group's largest island. The islands are mountainous and forested. The islands lie south of Ternate and west of Halmahera's southernmost arm. The second and third largest islands are Kasiruta and Mandioli. There are dozens of smaller islands in the group.
Part of North Maluku province, the Bacan kecamatan (sub-district) includes about 56,000 people of which about 8,000 live in the capital Labuha.

The interior of Bacan is relatively uninhabited and none of the dwellers on the coast are indigenous. They consist of the Sirani (Christian descendants of the Portuguese), of Malays, Papuans, and immigrants from other islands. The total number of inhabitants is about 13,000. The most significant town on the island is the Bacan sub-district capital Labuha, situated on the west side of the island. Nearby is the town of Amasing (or Amasingkota), once a significant settlement on the island.

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