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  • Japan Alps from Hakuba, Chubu, Japan
Japan Alps from Hakuba
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Location Type: Region
Mountainous middle region of Honshu, dominated by the Japan Alps and Japan's fourth-largest city Nagoya.
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Wikipedia - Chūbu region

Mt. Fuji
Mount Fuji is the Chūbu region's most famous landmark.

The Chūbu region (中部地方 Chūbu-chihō) is the central region of Honshū, Japan's main island. Chūbu has a population estimate of 21,886,324 as of 2008. Chūbu, which means "central region", encompasses nine prefectures: Aichi, Fukui, Gifu, Ishikawa, Nagano, Niigata, Shizuoka, Toyama, Yamanashi, and often Mie. It is located directly between the Kantō region and the Kansai region and includes the major city of Nagoya as well as long Pacific and Sea of Japan coastlines, extensive mountain resorts, and Mount Fuji. The region is the widest part of Honshū and the central part is characterized by high, rugged mountains. The Japanese Alps divide the country into the Pacific side, known as the front of Japan, or Omote-Nihon (表日本) sunny in winter, and the Sea of Japan side, or Ura-Nihon (裏日本), the back of Japan, snowy in winter. ... read more

Wikitravel - Chubu

Chubu Region

Chūbu (中部) is the central region of Japan's Honshu island. Chubu means "middle region", accurately reflecting its position straddling the two Japanese poles of Kansai and Kanto. Often ignored by foreign tourists, many of Chubu's best attractions are in the mountains, particularly the Mount Fuji and the Japanese Alps. ... read more

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