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From the scenic beauty of Halong Bay in Vietnam, to the idyllic Thai islands, to the Volcanoes of Indonesia, SE Asia is the land of exotic cultures and beaming smiles. Western travellers and tourists come to this tropical region in their droves to experience cultures that are a world away from those in their own countries. Travellers who come here never forget the delicious street food, the vibrant cities, the beautiful beaches, and the laid back way of life that can only be experienced in South East Asia.
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  • You could do a loop through Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai), through Laos down the Mekong (including the beautiful Luang Prabang) and then down to Cambodia and the incredible temples of Angkor Wat where you'll feel like Indiana Jones. This would give you a great combination of scenery, culture, great people and great food. Then after all of that walking, trekking and exploring, you could return to Thailand and go down to Krabi to relax on beaches overlooked by spectacular karst scenery. (by James)
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