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Tokyo Tower's design is inspired by the Eiffel Tower and with 333m height it is 9m taller than its French counterpart. It houses an aquarium, fish museum and plenty of entertainment, as well as 2 observation decks.
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Wikipedia - Tokyo Tower

first floor of the Main Observatory on Tokyo Tower
A view through one of the two "look down windows"

Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower located in Shiba Park, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. At 332.5 metres (1,091 ft), it is the second tallest artificial structure in Japan. The structure is an Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower that is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations.

Tokyo Tower has two observation decks—the Main Observatory and the Special Observatory; both offer a 360 degree view of Tokyo and, on clear days, Mount Fuji can be seen to the south. The two-floor Main Observatory, located at 145 m, provides visitors with a view of Tokyo and houses several attractions. The first floor is home to a small café and Club 333, a small stage that is used to put on live music shows.[26] Also located on this floor are two "look down windows" that allow visitors to stand over a small clear window and look to the ground 145 m below. The second floor (at 150 m) houses a small souvenir shop and a Shinto shrine, the highest shrine in the special wards of Tokyo. The elevators leading to the Special Observatory are also located on this floor. Departing on these elevators, visitors can reach the Special Observatory. a small, circular, completely enclosed observatory located at 250 m.
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Wikitravel - Tokyo / Minato

Tokyo Tower and the temple of Zōjōji
Tokyo Tower and the temple of Zōjōji

Tokyo Tower (the nearest station is Akabanebashi (5 min walk) although Hamamatsucho and Daimon are accessible through several lines and only slightly farther away). 9AM-10PM daily. Tokyo's largest tourist trap, this was a newly re-industrialized Japan's 1958 answer to Paris's Eiffel Tower — a bit more modern-looking and 9 meters taller. Entry to the Main Observatory (150m) is ¥820, while ascending to the Special Observatory (250m) is an extra ¥600. If you've still got money in your pockets, you can burn it by visiting the Wax Museum (¥870), the Mysterious Walking Zone (¥410) or the Trick Art Gallery (¥400).

Tip: you'll get better views from higher up for free if you visit Shinjuku's Metropolitan Government Building observatory instead.
Another tip: To get a good view of, and picture with, the tower, try the courtyard in front of Zojoji (nearby), or the second-floor deck outside the Mori Tower at Roppongi Hills (farther away but more panoramic).

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