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Northeast China

  • Shenyang Forbidden City, China
Shenyang Forbidden City
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also known as:
dōng​běi​; formerly known as Manchuria
Priority: Midd
Location Type: Region
(Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang) - "rust belt" cities, vast forests, Russian, Korean, and Japanese influence, and long, snowy winters
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Wikipedia - Northeast China

Friendship Square in Dalian
Friendship Square in Dalian

Northeast China is a geographical region of China, consisting of the three provinces of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang. It is separated from Russia largely by the Amur, Argun, and Ussuri rivers, from North Korea by the Yalu River and Tumen River, and from the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region by the Greater Khingan Range. The heartland of the region is the Northeast China Plain. The region is, on the whole, more heavily urbanised than most parts of China, largely because it was the first part of the country to develop heavy industry owing to its abundant coal reserves. Major cities include Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin and Changchun, all with several million inhabitants. Other cities include the steel making centres of Fushun and Anshan in Liaoning, Jilin City in Jilin, and Qiqihar and Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang. Harbin, more than any other city in China, possesses significant Russian influences: there are many Orthodox churches that have fallen out of use since the Cultural Revolution. Shenyang and Dalian, meanwhile, have sizable populations of Japanese and Korean due to their traditional linkages. ... read more

Wikitravel - Northeast China

map Northeast China

North East China (东北; dōng​běi​; formerly known as Manchuria). The largest ethnic groups are Han, Manchu and Korean. Even if the Chinese understand that there is civilization beyond the Great Wall, most tourists do not. The lands to the northeast of Beijing represent some of the least traveled and most challenging regions of China. The region is trying for a makeover since the industrialization of the region is falling apart. It is not known as the rust belt without just cause. Tourism, it is hoped, will help pump money back into the region and keep the local economies afloat. North East is still difficult to visit but, because it is not as hyped as other parts of China, is still fresh and free of the tourism problems of other parts of China. ... read more

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