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Backpack in China


From the urban jungles of hyper-modern melting pots in Hong Kong and Shanghai, to the rich heritage of dynastic capitals in Xi’an and Beijing, China stakes its claim as one of the most experientially diverse countries in the world, replete with everything an adventure traveller would ever want.

Camp on the Great Wall of China, come face to face with giant pandas, and give something back to local communities when you visit an orphanage and lend a hand at a soup kitchen for the homeless. Experience first-hand, the living, breathing depth of Chinese culture through visits to off-the-beaten-path getaways like the Shaolin Temple and sleepy mountain farms tucked away in remote villages in the Chinese countryside. This all-encompassing tour takes you on an journey around China which promises to be unforgettable.

With a combination of expert knowledge of China, strong backpacker values and an unbeatable passion for adventure, The Dragon Trip should without a doubt be the one-stop-shop for anyone looking to backpack in China on a budget.

With trips ranging in length from 15 days to 25 days, and starting in multiple destinations around the country, the Dragon Trip has something to fit every schedule and budget. And, with our team of passionate and dedicated bilingual tour guides, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands every step of your journey.