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Backpacking in Asia - an introduction

Have you ever been backpacking in Asia? Wonder what it is like? We put together a little story to introduce you to the life of backpackers in South-East Asia.
Taxi, Taxi .. Sir, Taxi? Sir, Miss, where do you want to go? Welcome to Asia!

preparation for the big journey

At first there was just the idea or dream or desire, whatever you want to call it, to go backpacking in Asia. Finally, our backpacking heroes have enough money saved up and designated a time slot to bring their daily routine to a stand still. But before the journey can start, it is time to do some research online where to go and what to do, calculating the overall budget for the trip and finding a good flight deal to the destination of choice.


doing internet research

We, and everybody who went on a backpacking trip already, have been in this situation - opening Google and ending up on dozens and dozens of websites and tools to find the information you need. We started and set up backpackingasia.com to make this process easier and more fun - trying to organize the chaotic maze of travel information on the web and present it to you  - having information, photos, videos, links to most relevant websites and booking tools all on one page at your fingertips. 

But back to our heroes, after hours of researching and calculating the travel plan is set (of course it will change a lot when they are on the road, but they don't know that yet). The flight and the hostel for the first few nights is booked.


doing internet research



packing the backpack

time to pack

Now comes the tricky part: selecting what to bring for the trip and how to pack it. Did I pack enough shirts, underwear, pants,...? Do I need warm clothes too?
How about toiletries? Where do I put my valueables? So many decisions...
Since our heroes are first-timers, they will of course pack way too much and don't leave enough room for the many things they will buy on the road in Asia.



the night before the flight to Asia

the last night before the journey

Everything is packed and there are only a few hours before the alarm rings to head off to the airport. But it is hard to fall asleep. Did I pack everything? My passport? Exchanged enough money? The printouts for my bookings? Will everything work out? Am I ready for a backpacking trip?

The image of the beautiful beach on the beautiful island, which are heroes picked as the destination for the first week, finally calms down the worrying thoughts. Only a few more hours...



The alarm rings, one last quick breakfast and our heroes strap on their backpacks and say good-bye to family, friends and neighbours. Kids, be safe out there and call us when you arrive. Don't worry, reply our heroes, we will skype you and post pictures on facebook, once we get there.

The parents stay behind, worried that something might happen to them and at the same time impressed that the kids head off just like that (without a package tour) to discover the world nowadays. The world is getting smaller and smaller indeed...




On the plane

Working on their jetleg and squeezed into a packed airplane with little leg room (cheap tickets), our heroes utilize the on-board entertainment system and free food & drinks (if the tickets weren't too cheap) and dream about their island.
Asia comes closer with every minute...


on the plane



Arrival in Asia

Tired but happy to have finally arrived, our heroes walk out from the air-conditioned airport to be hit in the face by a wall of hot and humid air - and an army of taxi drivers looking for prey. Luckily most of the big airports in the region offer now Taxi coupons with a fixed price.

arrival in Asia



On the way to the hostel

Properly prepared, they hand over the address of their hostel to the taxi driver and off the ride goes - the last leg of their trip to the accommodation for the first night in Asia. Now heavily jet-lagged, our heroes excitedly suck in the overwhelming array of visuals, sounds and smells. Yes, they really made it to Asia. Amazing...

in the big asian city


in the taxi



The first night in a hostel

Our heroes settle into their windowless room with thin partitioned walls (they were so proud to have found such a cheap room online) with the sounds of the other hostel guests and the new year celebration outside. Nevermind, the jet lag and the excitment of the time to come will put them to sleep soon. And next time, they will add ear plugs to their packing list too...

the first night a hostel


How will our heroes cope with the challenges of backpacking and will they finally make it to their peaceful dream beach? Click here for Part 2....

we'd love to hear your feedback about Backpacking Asia and what you think we can do better. suggestions to add something new? something not working for you? drop us a line!