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Backpacking in Asia - an introduction - Part 2

Part two of this story follows our heroes as they settle into their new lives as backpackers in a large Asian city and then to their island destination of choice.
arrival at the island

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In the hostel


in the hostel

After the first few nights in the hostel our heroes settle into their new backpacking lifestyle. Long pants and sneakers replaced with shorts and flip-flops, they spend the next few days exploring the sights of the city. Tired but satisfied, especially after experiencing delicious food from roadside stalls, they return to the hostel at night, where they mingle with other travellers and exchanged stories about their travels.

Dan, a traveller from Denmark, tells them about a beautiful beach and how to get there. Our heroes had planned to go to another island, but after doing some online research the decide to travel to the island Dan told them about.



Leaving the city


Songthaew, leaving the city

the next morning the hostel arranges a Songthaew to collect our heroes and transfer them to the train station. They say goodbye to their new friends, and with the cool morning breeze blowing against their faces, they watch the streets of their recent explorations pass by and look forward to the new experiences that await them.



At the train station


at the train station

The minibus drops our heroes at the train station. They carry their backpacks up the stairs to the busy platform crowded with travellers, women selling snacks through the train windows, children playing chase, stray dogs sniffing around for food scraps, and people taking their bags onto the train. Our heroes secure their seats and the train sets off, taking them south towards to islands.



Bus to the jetty


local bus to the jetty

Our heroes depart the train at the town closest to their island destination. The next available local bus takes them to the jetty just in time to catch the last ferry.

On the ferry


on the ferry

The mainland disappears and our heroes smile at the sight of the island drawing closer. They arrive at the jetty, where local boat and bungalow owners compete for their attention. A deal is negotiated with a long-tail boat driver and he takes them to the other side of the island.



Feeling free on the long-tail boat


feeling free on the long-tail boat

The boat takes them around the island. Waves break against the hull and one of our heroes spreads out his arms, closes his eyes, and inhales a deep breath of the balmy tropical air. 'Freedom here we come!'



Arrival at paradise


arrival at the beach

The longtail boat delivers our heroes to the shore of the white sandy beach, where snorkellers are exploring the reef beneath the clear turquoise water, a couple are playing bat and ball, and people are relaxing in the hammocks beneath the coconut trees and in front of their bungalows. They have finally arrived. The stress of using what seemed like a hundred  types of transport is suddenly worthwhile (it was a necessity to really experience this journey). Now it is time to do some serious relaxing and soul searching.


at the beach

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