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also known as:
Swallow Reef, Danwan Jiao, Celerio, Đá Hoa Lau
Priority: Lowest
Location Type: Destination
Layang-Layang is a remote coral atoll, 300 km northwest of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo. The island is part of a Malaysian naval base. There are no idyllic beaches here and tourists come here for one reason - the amazing diving in very clear waters. The only way to reach the Layang-Layang is either on a liveaboard dive boat or by a one hour chartered flight from Sabah.
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Wikipedia - Swallow Reef

Swallow Reef
Swallow Reef

Swallow Reef, known as Layang-Layang Island (Dusun for Place of Swallows) in Malaysia, Danwan Jiao (Chinese: 弹丸礁) in China, Celerio in the Philippines and Đá Hoa Lau in Vietnam, is an uninhabited oceanic atoll of the Spratly Islands situated approximately 300 km northwest of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Swallow Reef has a total land area of approximately 0.1 km².

As with all of the Spratly Islands, the ownership of Swallow Reef is disputed, but it is controlled by Malaysia. The island serves primarily as Malaysia's claim to ownership of this section of the Spratly Islands, i.e. those which lie closer to its land area. The Malaysian Navy has maintained an offshore security post called Uniform Station on Swallow Reef since 1983 and a Malaysian dive resort has operated on the island for a number of years.

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Wikitravel - Layang Layang

This dive resort is situated on a coral atoll along with a small Malaysian Naval base. The naval base is completely off limits - island visitors are warned that wandering into the naval base area will result in detention. The island has been reclaimed from the ocean and artificially increased in size by use of concrete rubble, thus there are no sandy beaches to walk on, just concrete boulders. There is a sealed air strip on the island.
Layang Layang is situated in very deep waters with the drop off outside the island's reef falling away to approximately 2000 metres. Given its location in the middle of nowhere, the ocean waters are clear and unpolluted. Deep water marine species such as Hammerhead sharks visit this location. Whale Sharks also frequent the atoll. The corals are in pristine condition and with no fishing permitted, the fish life is abundant.
The island's solitary resort is open from March to August only. November to February is considered "Monsoon Season."

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