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Kuala Selangor
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Kuala Selangor

  • Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
view from Bukit Melawati to the seafood restaurants along Selangor River
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Location Type: Destination Attraction
Kuala Selangor is most famous for its fireflies sanctuaries and seafood restaurants, but this off-the-beaten-track destination has a lot more to offer.


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Wikipedia - Kuala Selangor

Kuala Selangor is a town located in Selangor, Malaysia, and is capital of an administrative district of the same name.

The town caters largely to tourists coming this way en route to Kelip-Kelip at Kampung Kuantan or local travellers on a trail of seafood binging. Kuala Selangor town is not particularly big and one can easily walk around without a map or a guide. There are a number of cheap food outlets and a couple of fast food joints. It is also possible to walk to the Kuala Selangor Nature Park and Bukit Melawati for a visit.
Seafood restaurants are located in a small fishing town called Pasir Penambang after the bridge spanning the Selangor River. The seafood restaurants in Pasir Penambang serves halal seafood. Located within Pasir Penambang, there is a small seafood market where villagers as well as tourists come to buy seafood which are freshly caught by the fishermen who berth at the nearby pier.
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Wikitravel - Kuala Selangor

Monkeys on Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor
Monkeys on Bukit Melawati

Literally, Kuala means rivermouth in the Malay language, and thus this is a small town where the Selangor River (Sungai Selangor) meets the sea. It was the old royal capital of Selangor prior to moving to Klang, and finally to Kuala Lumpur.

This small town was conquered by the Dutch when they invaded Selangor in 1784. It is located well off the normal tourism route and hence, still maintains its traditional "kampung" (village) atmosphere.

Bukit Melawati, known as Bukit Selangor to the locals, has an indelible mark in the history of Selangor. The locals built a fortress on top of the hill in the 19th century to defend Selangor from enemy attacks at the river mouth and provide a vantage point to monitor ships entering and leaving the Straights of Malacca. The fortress was captured by the mighty Dutch armies and was used as their base to launch attacks on Selangor to capture the luxurious tin trade. The fortress was renamed Fortress Altingsburg after the name of the Dutch Governor General at that time, Governor General Alting.
The fortress was later destroyed during the Selangor Civil War (1867-73) skirmish between warring factions fighting for tin rich areas. Sultans of various areas teamed up with different Chinese gangs and the war resulted in a bloody end only to be 'saved' by the British Resident, who was requested by other Malay Rulers to mediate talks to put an end to the futile feud.
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