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  • Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Kandawgyi lake with Shwedagon Pagoda
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Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is the largest city in the country and was the capital of Myanmar until the seat of government was shifted to Naypyidaw in 2005.


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Wikipedia - Yangon

Downtown Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Downtown Yangon, facing Sule Pagoda and Hlaing River

Yangon also known as Rangoon, literally: "End of Strife") is a former capital of Myanmar (Burma) and the capital of Yangon Region (formerly Yangon Division). Although the military government has officially relocated the capital to Naypyidaw since March 2006,  Yangon, with a population of over four million, continues to be the country's largest city and the most important commercial center.
Yangon's infrastructure is undeveloped compared to those of other major cities in Southeast Asia. Yangon has the largest number of colonial buildings in Southeast Asia today. While many high-rise residential and commercial buildings have been constructed or renovated throughout downtown and Greater Yangon in the past two decades, most satellite towns that ring the city continue to be deeply impoverished.

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Wikitravel - Yangon

 Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Tree-lined broad streets featuring colonial architecture

Yangon , formerly Rangoon, was the capital of Myanmar until it was superseded by Naypyidaw  in November 2005. Today, with a population of over 5 million people, it remains the largest city and main economic hub of Myanmar. The city is an amalgamation of British, Burmese, Chinese, and Indian influences, and is known for its colonial architecture, which although decaying, remains an almost unique example of a 19th-century British colonial capital. New high-rise buildings were constructed from the 1990s as the government began to allow private investment. However, Yangon continues to be a city of the past, as seen by its longyi-wearing pedestrians, its street vendors, and its pungent smells.

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